Family & Friends of FLBC to remember:     
                                 Veterans Care Center
           L. O. Grinnell - Room 232               
     Salem Terrace Assisted Living
                          Elaine Lee  -  Room 116
                        Richfield Rehab
                       Thelma Dishner- Room  102
         At Home
                                Fred Dixon
                             Damon Farley
                              Rita Farley
                            Raye Hatton  
                     Henry & Pasty King
                                         Nellie Stump
Ongoing Prayer Requests:
Linda Carter: Breast Cancer Treatments – (Wife of Gene Carter)
Charles Coffey: Heart & Lungs failing –
              (Cousin of Darik & Amy Wade)
Gary Crawford: Health Issues – (Father of Chance Crawford)
Martha Embry: Early Stage Dementia-(Mother of Ashley Robinson)
Shirley Embry: Dementia – (Grandmother of Ashley Robinson)
Charles Ferguson Stroke -Pray for  therapy and Rhonda (his wife) from                            stress of Insurance -  (Bother of Melvin Ferguson)
Paul Gumina: Health Issues -(Friend of Ron & Debbie Duncan)
Forrest Hale: Cancer - (Grandson of Jerry & Janet Hunter)
Jeane Hampe: Struggling with brain bleed - (Desiree sister-in-law)
Angela Hunter: Illness - (Daughter of Jerry & Janet Hunter)
Janice Jones: Health Issues - (Sister of Donnie Underwood)
Brenda Kingery:  Recovering from brain surgery-
                             (Friend of  Gloria Simmons)
Carolyn MacLeod: Cancer - (Friend of Ted & Melody Williams)
Kenny Parks: Health Issues – (Husband of Alicia Parks)
Ronnie Reed: Cancer of lung and back  -Recovering from treatments
Tom Underwood:  Throat Cancer –  (Brother of Donnie Underwood)